Dick was one of the original COP  founders.  Best wishes in retirement, Dick!!
Congratulations Dick & John.
Both cars look almost the same color!!
See our new light bar on V1241
Thanks Jim for washing/waxing the car
Bill also rode in Armed Forces Parade
Watch out for these motorcycles!
Morning Shift
Afternoon Shift
Bob Springer also participated.
Don't even think of touching the car!
We are hiring!!
Thanks Kurt & Duane for organizing picnic
Warren the master chef
Who won?
Ruffus is looking for a treat
Missing: Schultz, Garrett, Karosich & Mullins
Duties can get dirty & hazardous!
Dave Ojima operates RRB
Jim Coleman & Dave Ojima assisted with event
Turn Right Please !!
Good news, he found his car.
Lot got filled completely full
Sunday was a wet day
Disabled people appreciate getting a ride
We tow most anything from the county right-of-way
Computer can also run maps and phone directory
Espresso stand was blocking a disabled parking space
"Trick or Treat" and no tricks!
This wonderful event is sponsored by the Kitsap County Jail
Each shopper got their photo taken
Volunteers wrap the gifts
Now, you have to wait until Christmas to open them!
Everyone gets  drinks & snacks
Jim had 2 shoppers
Here are some happy children!
Volunteers serve the snacks
All the participants are checked back onto the bus.