They completed the classroom training but needs to finish other requirements before becoming commissioned.
Springer also continues with COP
Missing: Karosich, Mullins & Schultz
Congratulations Pete!
Congratulations Bob & Duane!
Some memorable moments over a 30 year career.
Enjoy retirement, Pete & Debbie.
All COP members also thanks you!
Thank you Debbie & Pete for all you have done for us!
KCSO got 2 people's efforts with 1 hire.
Carl drove solo in both AFD & Viking Fest parades
Hope we get some new volunteers!
Congratulation on 30+ year career with KCSO
Enjoy your retirement - both Beb & Pete
Thanks Dianne & Warren for your years of service!
New officers for 2010/2011
Missing: Kelly Nelson & Bob Paulsen
Lots of waiting required
Sheriff Boyer talking to parade participants
Joint emergency exercise at Bangor
Don't shoot!
Glad to remove all the headgear
Do they look like terrorista?
Display is going up
Reader board will be towed & placed for speed control
Will be towed by V1310
Kitsap County Fair from Aug. 25-29, 2010
Thanks Jim, the cars looks new!
KCSO paid for the cart
Pat helped at the KCSO booth
Bob Springer was here but missed being photographed
They are having too much fun!
Nora helped at the KCSO booth
Hold on when Carl drives!!
Military personnel also helped in the booth
Many people took advantage of the free ride
who's bringing the donuts?
The lot almost got completely full on Saturday
Schon had the new sign made for this year
Tie it down good so it doesn't fall when you hit something
Congratulations everyone!
Curt got his commendation for volunteering at the jail
We are recruiting them early
Just don't turn on the siren!
Oct. 6, 2010
West Kingston Rd near the high school
Across from the HS
South of Arness Park
Kathie Kellogg also attended
Held at Kingston Bayside Church
Just glad it wasn't raining for EVOC
Don't hit that cone -- Bob
Carrying OC spray is optional for COP members.
These guys have deadly aim
Come on Jim, get it going!
This looks like some rookie ritual!
This will surely keep the dogs away tomorrow.
Don't step in it Kelly!
COP also donated to Bremerton, SK and CK foodbanks.