Park Ranger Margaret Anderson was killed on Jan. 1, 2012 on Mt. Rainier
Silver award: Ray, Roy & Dianne.  Bronze award Gerry
Congratulations to all 4 trainees who passed the final exam!
Lots of children showed up
Coleman found the most graffiti in April
They were in both parades
Coleman took vehicle home to wash/polish
Carl took vehicle home to wash/polish
This is a cool place out of the sun
One of the side benefits to being in the parade!
CK Kids Day June 2,  2012
Thanks John for many years of service as an officer!
We start recruiting them young!
Kohl's at Silverdale
That is Pat Garrett by the orange cone!
Congratulations Kathy
COP Picnic Aug. 18, 2012
Ski still is a strong supporter of our COP Unit!
Shuttle rides were popular
Throw away the jail keys!
Finally get to sit down
Yolanda Adams-Smith not able to attend.
Congratulations new rookies!
Congratulations Kurt!
This is going to slow them speeders down!
JC inside recording speeds
This sure slowed them down!
Ray Young was still out on the obstacle course
It was a wet foggy miserable day just right for EVOC training!
Dianne Canafax took photo
JC passed EVOC (of course)